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Health Volunteers work within their communities to promote important topics such as nutrition, maternal and child health, basic hygiene, and water sanitation. Volunteers also work in HIV/AIDS education and prevention programs, where they train youth as peer educators, provide support to children orphaned by the disease, and create programs that provide emotional and financial support to families and communities affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Required skills

Volunteers work within many different areas, even within the same sector. Qualifications vary by country and program. At minimum, all NETHIPS assignments require expressed interest in the project sector and one or more of the following criteria: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree in any field OR 5 years’ professional work experience in any field Some assignments have more specialized requirements. A degree or professional work experience related to the project sector may qualify you for additional assignments.

Play a role in reducing stigma by educating yourself and others about HIV, supporting people living with HIV, and advocating for policies that protect their rights and ensure equal access to healthcare.

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