What We Do

Care and Support

Care and support is an important community service provided by NETHIPS.  It facilitates immediate access to treatment when a person is diagnosed with HIV; to support adherence to treatment in order to attain viral suppression for people living with HIV, for the sake of their own health and to prevent infecting other people with HIV; to enhance the prevention and management of HIV-related infections; and to enhance coping with the challenges of living with HIV.

Advocacy and Human Rights

One of NETHIPS core function is advocacy. This role positions the organization to engage at national and international levels on ways to improve care and quality of life of Recipients of Care and their dependents.  More specifically, NETHIPS advocates for rights-based approach to create an enabling environment for successful HIV response and affirm the dignity of people living with, or vulnerable to, HIV.

Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

Being HIV Positive does not outlaw sexual and reproductive rights.  NETHIPS plays significant role by empowering recipients of care with information on sexual and reproductive health and facilitate  access to HIV services especially for pregnant women and lactating mothers.


Livelihood enhancement for recipients of care is a critical bedrock to HIV control in Sierra Leone.  While economic disparities largely contribute to new infections; out of pocket expenditure, uptake of HIV service and adherence to treatment   have been affected due to limited livelihood opportunities particularly among young people and women.  NETHIPS focuses on livelihood interventions to support economic empowerment of their members.