Being HIV Positive does not outlaw sexual and reproductive rights.  NETHIPS plays significant role by empowering recipients of care with information on sexual and reproductive health and facilitate  access to HIV services especially for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

  • Mother to Mother intervention: The Mother to mother intervention contributes to the elimination of transmission of HIV from mother to child. The intervention is led by women living with HIV known as mother mentors.  As volunteers, they work closely with health facilities where they receive list of pregnant women and lactating mothers that test positive to HIV.  The list is used to follow up on clients at home where volunteers provide treatment support and referral to care centers where necessary. The Mother to mother intervention equally   contributes to EID intervention by following up to ensure that HIV exposed children are tested and provided services based on national guidelines.
  • Condom promotion: Condom use is part of positive living practices discussed during support group meetings. Through support group coordinators, Condoms are distributed to group members who are mainly people living with.

Play a role in reducing stigma by educating yourself and others about HIV, supporting people living with HIV, and advocating for policies that protect their rights and ensure equal access to healthcare.

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